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Arbois in Montagnes du Jura - het Franse Juragebergte - enkele fraaie streetviews

De provincie Gerona is de eerste Spaanse provincie bij de passage van de grens met Frankrijk. heeft een aanbod van meer dan 1.300.000 accommodaties over de hele wereld.

Rotterdamse burgemeester Aboutaleb bezoekt tentoonstelling in Osaka

Graaf Dracula (zijn voornaam wordt in de roman niet vermeld, hoewel in sommige films hij de voornaam "Vladimir" krijgt) is een eeuwenoude vampier en tovenaar, die volgens eigen zeggen een afstammeling is van Attilla de Hun. Hij woont in een vervallen kasteel in de Karpaten. organiseert Dracula trips voor de liefhebbers!

We begin our wonderful trip from Bacau. We pick you up from the airport and present to you the scary and fascinating scenery unfolding before you. Leave Bacau in our way to Dracula's Castle.  No other place is so identifiable as the place of vampires, ghosts and bloody scenes the Bargau step, Tihuta, that connects Transylvania to Moldavia. This wild and mysterious place was used for the setting of the movie "Dracula" by Coppola.
Dinner and overnight in Tihuta in Dracula’s Castle, the 3* hotel built on the ruins of the Royal Castle of Dracula. In the film based on the novel by Stroker, Vlad the Impeller died here. Despite his death, his spirit never found its peace.
NEW Experience ! We visit the coffin of Dracula in the basement of the Castle, who knows what will we find inside !?
After breakfast, we depart to Sighisoara. We visit Sighisoara, one of the fewest inhabited cities in Europe. It was certified back in 1280. The construction of the fortified belt started in 1350 and covered 9 towers, out of which the Clock Tower is the most important.
We have dinner in Count Dracula restaurant, in the same house where Vlad Tepes was born. Overnight in Sighisoara,  in a medieval 3* hotel, near Dracula’s home.
After breakfast, we head to Poenari Fortress built by the boyars who subsequently were impaled by Dracula.The castle Poenari (the Real Castle of Dracula)  also witness to the suicide of Vlad’s first wife when she threw herself from the tower in the river Arges . There are 1480 steps waiting for you to get to this fortress. Our day ends in the mountain resorts of Prahova Valley, overnight and dinner in a modern  3* Hotel .
Our adventure continues at the charming Bran Castle which got its fame from Dracula`s legend written in 1897 by Bram Stoker and later on made into a film by Francis Ford Coppola. The first documents about the Bran Castle appeared in 1377. Along the history, the Castle had a strategic mission being the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. First it was under the rule of the King of Hungary Sigismund of Luxemburg, of the Romanian voievodes Mircea cel Batran and Vlad Tepes and later on it came under the jurisdiction of the City of Brasov. In the XX century the castle was donated to the royal family and becamed a royal residence. The museum preserve the furniture and objects from that period.
We enter in a fairy-tale world by visiting the famous Peles Castle, former summer residence of the kings of Romania located in Sinaia, a well-known mountain resort as well. Nowadays the Castle is one of the most important museums in Transylvania where one can admire furniture and ornamental objects, carpets, tapestry, sculptures, paintings, collections of weapons from the 15th up to the19th centuries.
Arrival in Brasov, a medieval town known as the "The crown city "the city of merchants and craftsmen. Dinner and overnight in a 3* Hotel located in Brasov city center.
We admire in Brasov The Black Church and The Council Square. Just over the mountains that surround Brasov, during Dracula’s campaigns against the rich local merchants, were placed the dying bodies, in agony. With a lot of special memories we return to Bacau where we transfer you to the Airport or Hotel.


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