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Emirates offers daily flights between Spain and Seychelles
dinsdag, 25 januari 2011 11:15

Emirates announced a frequencies increase in its daily flights between Dubai and Seychelles up to 10 weekly flights from March 28, 2011 on.

This means that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the airline will operate with a double frequency.

Along with the daily flight Emirates offers between Madrid and Dubai, this dual frequency between Dubai and Seychelles will allow travelers coming from or going to Madrid to take advantage of new and excellent connections to Dubai - up to just 100 minutes - and, therefore, the total travel time between Spain and the Seychelles (or vice versa) will be significantly reduced.

With the increase of its offer, Emirates maintains its firm commitment to the idyllic Seychelles islands and their quality tourism offer.

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