Volvo Ocean Race - THE EVENT IN Lisboa PORTUGAL

With the boats arrival on May 31st and the departure on the June 10th, 2012, Lisbon will be on the world stage as the main and only European capital city of the Volvo Ocean Race......

with the ambition of becoming the best ever Stopover in the history of the competition, benefiting at the same time, but from a totally informal and non-competitive way, from the fact of seeing the world crossover culminating in Lisbon. Book your hotel in Lisboa

The event area in the Lisbon Stopover Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 is to be named the Race Village and will consist of two distinct areas that will have a minimum total of 20.000 squared meters.

These two areas are:


The Exhibition Area will be the main area of the event where all sponsors will have their brand and presence assured.

In this area the event sponsors go through their promotional tents, stands, hospitality areas and will have the opportunity to engage with all stakeholders and welcome their own guests.

Also in this area visitors will find a large range of animations such as concerts, shows, games, quizzes, parallel competitions, among others. There will also be a series of exhibitions and fairs related to the event and the sea.

Similarly, the spectators will also have numerous restaurants and bars that will provide them with all the facilities so they can enjoy a full day during their visit to the event. The aim is to create a set of animations and performances, attracting audience and creating a unique event that will challenge, engage, absorb and accommodate all the public in a convenient and attractive manner.


Team Area will be the land basis of all crews in competition.

In it are included docking areas for boats, shipyard on dry areas where teams can perform repairs, sail maintenance, local support boats, among other teams needs.

All these areas are points of public interest and contact with the event, where it is possible and expected the visit by the mass audience, so that they can also make contact with the spectacle that is the parallel preparation of an ocean race and their boats.

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