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In February 2014, just like in the first month of the year, airberlin welcomed more passengers on board than in the same month of the previous year. The number of passengers transported in February increased by two percent, to 1,837,918.

In total, airberlin transported more than 3.6 million passengers in the first two months of the year, and thus 1.2 percent more than in the corresponding period of the previous year.  

By offering additional long-haul flights and connections flown throughout the year, airberlin increased the number of available seat kilometers in February by more than six percent in yearly comparison, i.e. to 3.613 billion (previous year: 3.413 billion). Furthermore, by reducing the previously prevalent seasonal fluctuations between the winter and summer flight schedules, and by providing more year-round connections, especially on touristic routes and long-haul flights, airberlin is able to optimize its aircraft use, achieving higher employee productivity and establishing its offers on the market in the long term.

The revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) for February increased by 1.5 percent in yearly comparison, to 2.954 billion (previous year: 2.911 billion). airberlin achieved a high flight capacity utilization of 81.7 percent for February. This figure, which is below the figure reached in the corresponding month of the previous year (85.2 percent), has to be seen in connection to the productivity increase and the smoothing of seasonal fluctuations.

February 2014    February 2014, accumulated
Number of passengers      1,837,918 (+2.0 %)    Number of passengers         3,601,852 (+1.2 %)
ASK in millions                       3,613.3 (+5.9 %)    ASK in millions                          7,280.2 (+6.1%)
RPK in millions                       2,953.5 (+1.5 %)    RPK in millions                          5,858.0 (+1.4%)
Capacity utilization rate in %      81.7 (-3.5 pp)    Capacity utilization rate in %      80.46 (-3.7 pp)