Arbois in Montagnes du Jura - het Franse Juragebergte.

De provincie Gerona is de eerste Spaanse provincie bij de passage van de grens met Frankrijk. heeft een aanbod van meer dan 2.330.186 accommodaties over de hele wereld.

Kreta is het grootste en meest zuidelijke eiland van Griekenland. Het heeft voor ieder wat wils.

When adventure, luxury, glamour, nightlife and honeymoon trips contribute to the global tourism industry, Sports Tourism grows in popularity in many parts of the world.

The recently concluded Confederations Cup in Brazil suggests the USP of Sports tourism and the economical benefits from mega sporting events like these.

The president of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute), Flávio Dino, discussed the impact of these major events on the economy”. A study by Embratur showed that Sports tourism had a far greater impact than anticipated,” said Dino. There were 16 football games in two weeks for the Confederations Cup in 2013, which eventually crowned the champion Brazil. However, the tourism economy of Brazil, as a result of this tournament got a turnover of 250 million Euros, or 329 million USD, which includes income from hotels, food away from home, among others.

Spending by tourists – Brazilians and foreigners – was estimated by Embratur at 110 million Euros (145m. USD), while FIFA projected the spending of the national teams and delegations was around 24 million Euros (31.5m. USD). The indirect effect on the economy was 118 million Euros (155m. USD), according to the estimates of Embratur.

“This is important because a return is immediate and goes straight into the pocket of the entrepreneur in the long chain associated to tourism,” said the president of Embratur. “The long-term return is the main picture, since the name and attributes of Brazil are reported worldwide during the period of mega-events.”

Dino also spoke to local radio stations, stating that with regard to visibility, the final of the Confederations Cup in 2013 hit a record television audience of the competition, according to data released by FIFA. The match between the teams of Brazil and Spain was seen by 69.3 million people in 10 major television markets in the world – such as Germany, China, France and the United States, among others. So, commercial advertisements and other endorsement collection were pretty good as well.

“From the point of view of promoting international tourism in Brazil, this is a spectacular gain, which would be achieved only with a very massive investment of resources in television advertising in those markets,” says the president of Embratur, Flavio Dino. He recalls that, in addition to information about the stadiums and the reports before and after the game, made by over 3000 accredited journalists, before the game a movie was shown with the main tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro.{jcomments on}

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