Arbois in Montagnes du Jura - het Franse Juragebergte.

De provincie Gerona is de eerste Spaanse provincie bij de passage van de grens met Frankrijk. heeft een aanbod van meer dan 2.330.186 accommodaties over de hele wereld.

Kreta is het grootste en meest zuidelijke eiland van Griekenland. Het heeft voor ieder wat wils.

1. Up to 900,000 visitors are expected in Lisbon between Thursday 19 July and Sunday 22 July when the international fleet of over 40 Tall Ships are in town.

2. The Tall Ships Races are organised annually in European waters by Sail
Training International, a registered charity established to develop and educate
young people – regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social
background – through the sail training experience.
3. Presented by the Polish port of Szczecin, The Tall Ships Races are open to any
monohull vessel of more than 9.14m water line length, provided that at least 50
per cent of the crew is aged between 15 and 25 years old and that the vessel
meets Sail Training International’s safety equipment requirements.
4. In 2012, 1,900 professional crew and trainees will sail from Lisbon, Portugal to
Cadiz, Spain. Later host ports for The Tall Ships Races 2012 are La Coruna,
Spain and Dublin, Ireland.
5. A fleet of 55 Tall Ships from 20 countries are expected to take part in The Tall
Ships Races 2012 (in total)
6. The number of Tall Ships due in St Lisbon is 42 from 16 countries
7. The largest Tall Ships are categorised as ‘Class As’. This applies to all square–
rigged vessels (barque, barquentine, brig, brigantine or ship rigged) and all
other vessels more than 40 metres Length Overall (LOA), regardless of rig.
Smaller vessels are designated as Class B, Class C or Class D.
8. There are 13 Class A Tall Ships due in Lisbon:
• Alexander von Humbold II (Germany)
• Creoula (Portugal)
• Dar Mlodziezy (Poland)
• Europa (Netherlands)
• Fryderyk Chopin (Poland)
• Georg Stage (Denmark)
• Juan Sebastian De Elcano (Spain)
• Lord Nelson (UK)
• Mir (Russia)
• Pelican of London (UK)
• Pogoria (Poland)
• Sagres (Portugal)
• Santa Maria Manuela (Portugal)
9. Portugal boasts three Class A ships competing in the race from Lisbon to Cadiz,
all built in 1937 (Creoula, Sagres and Santa Maria Manuela). Creoula is a four
masted schooner launched after a record building time of 62 working days.
Santa Maria Manuela (SMM) is a four masted gaff schooner initially launched in
1937, built by Companhia União Fabril, in Lisbon. She began operating in cod
fishing and altogether with her sister ship “Creoula”, was part of the famous
Portuguese White Fleet. Sagres home port is in Lisbon and is entered by the
Portuguese Navy.
10. Alexander von Humboldt II (Germany) will be making its debut in The Tall Ships
Races 2012. It succeeds her sister ship, Alexander von Humboldt, known for its
green sails which retired at the end of last year’s race series.
11. Dar Mlodziezy (Poland) has been owned by the Gdynia Maritime Academy
since she was built in 1982. Her name means "the gift of youth" and she has
graced The Tall Ships Races with her presence on a regular basis for around 25
12. Europa’s global journeys have earned it the nickname ‘Ocean Wanderer’ and it
spends each winter in Antarctica. She celebrated 100 years afloat in 2011 and
is a 55-metre barque.
13. Lord Nelson (UK) is named after the famous British admiral and owned by the
Jubilee Sailing Trust. It is one of just two Tall Ships specially designed and built
to enable people with physical disabilities to share the adventure and
experience of sail training. Those with physical disabilities usually represent half
the crew.
14. Between Lord Nelson and their other Tall Ship Tenacious, the Jubilee Sailing
Trust has taken more than 30,000 people to sea over the last three decades –
including 12,000 people with physical disabilities and 5,000 wheelchair users.
15. Mir (Russia) is the second largest sail training vessel afloat at almost 110
metres in length.With capacity for a crew of 199, including 144 cadets, Mir has
2,771-sq metres of sail and its main mast is 50 metres in height and is owned
and operated by the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy.
16. Tall Ships celebrating a significant number of years afloat in 2012 include:
• Black Diamond of Durham (UK) – 40th
• Dar Mlodziezy (Poland) – 30th
• Estoile Polaire (France) – 100th
• Fryderyk Chopin (Poland) – 20th
17. Sail Training International has 29 member orgnasiations. The Tall Ships Races
2012 will be the first year the Czech Republic has taken part as a member
orgnisation and is entering Hebe III, a Class D vessel.
18. For many visitors, the Parade of Sail taking place on Sunday 22 July will be the
highlight of The Tall Ships Races in Lisbon. Traditionally seen as a chance for
the departing fleet to say ‘thank you’ to the host port, this visual spectacle sees
the Tall Ships parade under sail or partial sail.
19. The race from Lisbon to Cadiz is 220 nautical miles. A Tall Ship completing the
entire race series from St Malo to Dublin is expected to sail over 2,500 nautical
20. ‘Bow’ is the nautical term for the forward part of a Tall Ship while ‘port’ refers to
the left side of a vessel as you face forward and ‘starboard’ is used to describe
the right-hand-side. In a nautical context, a ‘knot’ is a measure of speed equal to
one nautical mile (1.852 kilometres) per hour while the ‘bitter end’ refers to the
last part of a rope or chain. Other nautical terms you may hear during the event
21. Other nautical terms which may be heard thorughout the event include:
• ‘going aloft’ – climbing a ships rigging
• bulkhead – an upright wall
• botswain (bosun) – non commissioned officer responsible for sails, ropes
and rigging
• waypoint – a location determined by navigational coordinates often used
as part of The Tall Ships Races
22. The Sail Training International Friendship Trophy is awarded each year to the
vessel which, in the opinion of the captains and crews of all the vessels taking
part in The Tall Ships Races, has done most to promote international friendship
and understanding. In 2011, the trophy went to Wylde Swan (Netherlands).
23. One of the trainees participating in The Tall Ships Races each year receives the
Torbay Cup for outstanding achievement and personal effort during the race
series. Kieran Maxwell, a trainee on Spirit of Fairbridge, received the award in
2011 when he was part of the crew from Waterford, Ireland to Greenock,
24. 7,000 trainees participated on board 30 vessels from 15 countries during The
Tall Ships Races 2011.
25. Host ports for The Tall Ships Races 2013 are Aarhus, Denmark; Helsinki,
Finland; Riga, Latvia; Szczecin, Poland.


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