Arbois in Montagnes du Jura - het Franse Juragebergte.

De provincie Gerona is de eerste Spaanse provincie bij de passage van de grens met Frankrijk. heeft een aanbod van meer dan 2.330.186 accommodaties over de hele wereld.

Kreta is het grootste en meest zuidelijke eiland van Griekenland. Het heeft voor ieder wat wils.

The scenic and cultural diversity of The Gambia makes it a must for exploration.

The convenient location of the hotels means that it is easy to take a day or half day excursion and return in time to relax in the comfort of the hotel that evening. See the excursions........

Take home more than just pictures of the hotel - explore The Gambia with a West African Tours Short Excursion.

West African Tours many years experience of providing short excursions and their knowledge of The Gambia ensures that itineraries are varied, interesting and exciting. Combine this with trained guides, a full fleet of vehicles and tight operational management and you have the added value of knowing that as well as being well organised, our short excursions are subject to total quality control.In short, an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

All excursions start and finish from your choice of hotel.


All of our tours are accompanied by local, experienced guides with extensive knowledge of the country and its culture.

Sunday & Wednesday.  We drive straight to Makasutu, a palm forest situated on a beautiful meandering tributary of the Gambia River
(MANDINA BOLONG) encompassing many different eco-systems including mangroves, savannah and dense forest.  We may see 100 vultures gathered together for their morning breakfast and a variety of African birds as well as some European birds like the Pied Wagtail spending time here as a resident tourist!

Creek Fishing
Monday & Friday. This is a popular small group excursion cruising and fishing in the mangrove creeks and river Gambia,on board a traditional 60 foot African pirogue.  The spacious open deck boat is an ideal fishing platform and has a 30-foot shade so we can fish from the shade or in the sun, as we choose. A typical day’s catch is between 150, to 400 fish from 10 to 18 different species.  The crew numbers from 8 to 4 dependent on the size of the groups, so there is plenty of help for everyone.  This is an ideal opportunity for the beginner or experienced angler to enjoy catching sporting, tropical fish on light easy to use tackle with expert tuition.

South Gambia Experience
Wednesday & Thursday. We start off with a visit to the SIFFOE FARM where we learn about local Beehive industry and their honey making.
 We then proceed through the Savannah, towards the border with Senegal. We arrive at BERENDING where we will visit a local medical centre servicing the surrounding villages. Following, a traditional West African river craft is waiting to take us for a cruise around various inlets and islands for the ALLAHEIN RIVER After just over an hour cruising in and out of Senegal we disembark at KARTONG and proceed for lunch and relaxation. On our return journey proceed to visit the only REPTILE FARM in the Gambia with snakes and lizards of varying sizes, a highlight not to be missed.

4WD Adventure
 BUT UNCOVERS THE GAMBIAN VILLAGE WAY OF LIFE BY TRAVELLING THROUGH THE BUSH. We make unscheduled stops to observe the varieties of chattering monkeys, hopefully baboons in their tree – top play –ground and many exotic and colorful birds.  Before lunch we visit a local PALM WINE compound where you will learn how the palm is “tapped” and will also be offered some wine to sample. Next we visit the TANJI NATURE TRAIL showing various aspects of Gambian Culture. We drive close to the beach on our return passing slowly by a fishing village on the way where an explanation of importance of this industry will be given.

Wake up with the birds
Thursday & Saturday.  We begin around 06:00 hrs and drive by minibus to LAMIN LODGE where, after a wakening tea or coffee,..
 we will embark on the age old Gambian canoes into the creeks from which we will be given a totally different memory of the dawn and the accompanying Dawn Chorus. We will then take you back to the restaurant at Lamin for a fine cooked breakfast. After a digestion and relaxation period, during which time we are surrounded by the wonders of up to 200 different species of bird life; we take a 2 km stroll along the edge of the rice fields towards Abuko to further sample the delights of the Gambian "Aviary" and general wildlife.

Saturday & Wednesday.  Once in Senegal we are introduced to our Ranger as we are welcomed into the Fathala nature reserve currently 2000 acres of a natural environment which many African Wildlife have now made home.  On our contained vehicle we are able to follow the animal tracks through the wilderness to spot some of the species that roam the area. In just a day it is possible to spot Giraffes, Rhino, Mere Cats, Antelope Python, Buffalo to mention only a few – How lucky will you be?
A great chance to take a memory of Africa home – don’t go without your cameras – this may be your only chance to take some amazing pictures!
During the day we expect to have chance to set up picnic in the wild where we will have a small lunch prepared.  Drinks are on hand to buy during the day.  You will learn the history of the area and the great plans they have for the future. Go on be a part of Africa that you will remember forever!

Sunday & Thursday.  The most well known trip “Up River” to the land of Alex Hayley’s Saga “ROOTS’ The trip starts from Banjul Port ..
with a long lazy cruise directly up-river taking us on our historic journey 200 years back in time to the ancient Trading Station of ALBREDA, which gained fame in the slaving days with its Flag Pole, which it was once thought would guarantee freedom to any slave who touched it, after escaping JAMES ISLAND which is close by.. We then continue to the Museum of Slavery which gives a good insight into what slavery was all about in The Gambia.
*There is some walking involved going around the village and visiting the museum.

Abuko Nature Reserve
Monday & Saturday.  The Nature Reserve is not a zoo or a game reserve - it is an area of 180 acres...
 which places equal emphasis on the protection and conservation of nature as a whole.  It is a jungle in the middle of the savannah, which you would not expect in The Gambia or the surrounding area.  You don't have to be a naturalist to enjoy the ABUKO NATURE RESERVE, but you will find a visit there a much more rewarding experience if you are.  Animals to be seen include crocodiles, monkeys, hyenas, antelopes, monitor lizards, along with the rich and exotic bird life, of which over 250 different species have been sighted in the reserve.

Lazy Day Cruise
Monday & Thursday.  From OYSTER CREEK, we cruise along the sheltered meandering tributaries of the RIVER GAMBIA.
 Between the lush green mangrove sandwiched waterways we gently cruise through an area of unchanged life where villagers can be seen oyster fishing from their age-old dug-out canoes.  At the same time many exotic tropical birds can be seen all around. A delicious buffet lunch is preceded by the opportunity for a refreshing swim.  Fishing lines are also available for a “spot of excitement”

Taste of Kombo
Wednesday. On this excursion you can experience and learn how Gambia is working towards meeting the challenges of saving energy, producing milk and implementing sustainable and best-practice agricultural techniques in The Gambia.  
The day starts at Katchikally crocodile pool where we may be fortunate enough to see “Charlie” as featured in several British TV programmes.
 The next stop is the Botanical Gardens where a variety of African flora and fauna are to be found. Moving on  we travel on to Bakau  Craft market to see the master craftsman at work and have an opportunity to buy the exquisite wooden carvings produced.

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