Arbois in Montagnes du Jura - het Franse Juragebergte.

De provincie Gerona is de eerste Spaanse provincie bij de passage van de grens met Frankrijk. heeft een aanbod van meer dan 2.330.186 accommodaties over de hele wereld.

Kreta is het grootste en meest zuidelijke eiland van Griekenland. Het heeft voor ieder wat wils.

Viennais the undisputed capital of gay and lesbian life in Austria. Of Vienna’s 1.7 million inhabitants, an estimated 170,000 of them are gay or lesbian. Both in the past and in the present, gays and lesbians have managed to play a prominent role in public life and in the media.

Gay Generals and Imperial Love

Probably the most prominent homosexual in Austrian history was the man responsible for stopping the Turkish advance into Europe once and for all in the 17th century. Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736) was the successful warrior who freed Vienna from Turkish siege and pushed the Ottomans back to the Balkans over the course of several wars. But it wasn’t just on the battlefield that Eugene was surrounded exclusively by men; in private, he preferred to have intimate relations with members of his own sex – a fact well known even during his lifetime. Even so, he managed to build his career and expand his power base during the reigns of three emperors, and his strong influence on Vienna remains visible to this day. His summer palace, Schloss Belvedere, is an impressive baroque edifice which today houses paintings from the Middle Ages to the present day, including numerous works by numerous Austrian artists of the modern period (Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka).

The last emperor served by Prince Eugene, Charles VI (the father of Maria Theresa), is said to have had an intimate relationship with Count Michael Johann Althan III, one of the few members of the introverted and eccentric monarch’s inner circle. When Althan died in 1722, the grieving emperor recalled that they had “loved each other intimately 19 years long, in true friendship.” Under Charles’ reign, Vienna flourished, the Church of St. Charles Borromeo (Karlskirche) was built, Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg were enlarged, and numerous grandiose baroque structures were put up by the most prominent architects of the day, Fischer von Erlach (the elder and the younger) and Lukas von Hildebrandt.

The 19th Century: Architecture, Music and the Habsburgs

Somewhat more than 100 years later, in the second half of the 19th century, it was once again time for frenetic building activity. During this period, Vienna grew to exceed a million inhabitants and Emperor Franz Joseph ordered the construction of the Ringstrasse, Vienna’s most glorious boulevard. The tragic end met by the architects of the world-famous Vienna State Opera had to do both with the Ringstrasse, the building itself and with their homosexuality. The gay architect couple Eduard van der Nüll (1812-1868) and August Sicard von Sicardsburg (1813-1868) began construction of the opera house before the street level of the Ringstrasse had been officially established – with the fateful consequence that the street ended up being one meter higher then they had expected. The result, visible to this day, was that the State Opera turned out a bit too low-slung, with the front ramps somewhat too short. Following open public criticism of the architects’ error in judgment – to which Emperor Francis Joseph supposedly added his voice – van der Nüll, who was depression-prone to begin with, took his life on April 3, 1868. Barely ten weeks later, Sicardsburg – his heart surely broken – followed him in death.

Music, so closely intertwined with Viennese history, also has its share of homosexual figures. The composer Franz Schubert (1797–1828) – the houses of his birth and death can still be visited today – was reputed to have little interest in female companionship. Schubert spent over two years living with his librettist Johann Baptist Mayerhofer – who was known to be homosexual – in a sublet room where they even shared a bed. Their affection for each other is documented in several song texts written by Mayerhofer for Schubert, as well as in an opera – unfortunately destined to remain unfinished – entitled “Adrast”.

Emperor Franz Joseph was plagued by headaches not only from the toils of government but also from his younger – gay – brother, Archduke Ludwig Viktor (1842-1919), known affectionately as “Luziwuzi” among his friends. Luziwuzi had a reputation at court for his sharp tongue and his propensity to cross-dress. On one of his regular visits to the “Centralbad” indoor swimming pool (today’s gay Kaiserbründl Sauna) he quite literally touched off a public scandal, being slapped in the face by an officer who was none too flattered by his advances. Following this episode, his brother the emperor banished him to Schloss Klessheim near Salzburg, where Luziwuzi died mentally deranged in 1919.

Today’s Scene

The center of the gay and lesbian scene is the Rosa-Lila-Villa on Linke Wienzeile. Known locally simply as “Villa”, it first opened its doors in 1982 and was run by a dedicated a handful of Viennese gays and lesbians. Today,numerous gay, lesbian, and gay and lesbian organizations are headquartered here. Services include information and advice. In the foyer of the building tourists and locals alike can browse flyers, magazines and announcements gay and lesbian life in the city. Café Willendorf on the ground floor of this gay and lesbian institution is a pleasant place to while away the hours in a great atmosphere, enjoy one of the many vegetarian dishes on the menu or sit at the central bar.

The lion’s share of gay and lesbian hangouts is situated near the Rosa-Lila-Villa, along Linke Wienzeile and Rechte Wienzeile. Friends meet at the time-honored Café Savoy for a “Melange” coffee or a “G’Spritzter” particularly at the weekend or after a trip to the nearby Naschmarkt; young gays up for cocktails go to the Mango Bar. Felixx is an upmarket alternative on the gay café and bar circuit. At Village Bar gays get together with friends of all ages to savor the easy going atmosphere. During the daytime, Café Berg with its adjoining gay and lesbian bookshop Löwenherz is a popular place to meet. The doors of the well-established Eagle Bar Vienna and the modern, exceptionally appointed Sling are open until deep in the night for the late night crowd.

Alongside Café Willendorf at the Rosa-Lila-Villa, there are several restaurants nearby offering fine food to their gay and lesbian guests. At schon schön diners sit down together at a long table and savor the various menus on offer, which have been singled out for praise in various restaurant guides. Anyone looking to have a quick hair cut before dinner can nip across to the salon next door.Quaint and charming Santo Spirito in the historic city center brings together a mixed crowd who share their love of classical music at one of Vienna’s outstanding venues. Good food, delicious wines and excellent music add up to an unforgettable and consummately Viennese night out.

For years now, Motto has stood out from the masses as a perennially popular haunt where a particularly wealthy and attractive clientele can meet up. The chic interior is only outshone by the exceptionally good-looking staff, who count an as then unknown Helmut Lang among their alumni. Jude Law is a recent A-list patron. Operator Bernd Schlacher’s burgeoning restaurant and catering empire now includes such luminaries as Kunsthallencafé, Halle im Museumsquartier and the new and spectacular Motto am Fluss inside the Wien-City boat terminal on the Danube Canal. All of the restaurants and bars have one thing in common: every single one is an out-and-out hit with gay men.

Gugg, another star of the new crop, is the club restaurant of the highly politically active Hosi Wien. Alongside group meetings and get-togethers it also runs a café where visitors can meet qualified contacts in a relaxed setting during advertised opening hours.

At Hard On, the Leather & Motorbike Community Vienna (LMC, est. 1985) has created a new bar after leaving [lo:sch] in 2009. The club has quickly established itself as a popular haunt on the Vienna gay fetish scene. The leather and fetish bar known for many years as [lo:sch] has been run by the Association of Motorbike & Leatherwear Friends Austria (MLF) as Club-Losch since the start of 2009. Club-Losch has its very own club catering to all preferences and hosting frequent events.

Anyone who prefers to meet the like-minded out of doors during the summer months can – by day – head for the nude area in the “Toter Grund” section of the Danube Island, a recreational area very popular among the Viennese, and – in the evening – venture a walk through Rathauspark. And it’s not just during the cold winter months that the Kaiserbründl mens’ sauna (a listed oriental bathhouse) and the Sportsauna, which is popular with younger people, keep the steam turned up for hot and sweaty action. Anyone who likes letting their hair down should check out the monthly parties at the Sargfabrik. Since 1997 the bathhouse there has been a popular venue for gay men. It is geared towards men looking for a place to relax, and who find the classic gay sauna too sex-oriented. The ideal location for gay men who like to go to the sauna, for a sauna.

Party, Party

Vienna’s gay dance club scene has changed a lot over the last couple of years. While weekly events are now extremely thin on the ground, the number of different events that play out in the capital once or month or even less frequently has gone through the roof. Quite a lot of the regular fixtures prefer to keep switching locations so that they can offer devotees something different every time. But as with every other rule, there‘s a notable exception: inner city disco Why Not has played out in the same split level location for more than 30 years and is still full to bursting on a regular basis. Known locally simply as “Not”, these popular Friday and Saturday night parties belt out all the classic gay anthems in a set list rich with hit tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and present day.

Fronted by Vienna’s best known drag queen, Miss Candy, for 15 years now, Heaven is an absolute institution on the city’s club circuit. The Heaven brand’s packed agenda includes weekly club nights, monthly mega events and of course the Rosenball at Palais Auersberg which is held on the same night as the world-famous Opera Ball. Although not really a ball if you go by the strictest definition of the word, the Rosenball is red letter day on the capital’s party scene, providing gay and lesbian party people with a queer alternative to its more conservative counterpart. Every now and again Miss Candy and her team take the Heaven parties back on to the stage at one of the city’s numerous clubs.

G.Spot at the infamous Camera Club takes place on the first Friday of the month, and is geared mainly to lesbians but is also open to gays. The music program features alternating musical themes such as Electronic, Tribal and Techno, providing welcome relief from the run-of-the-mill gay/lesbian disco fare. At queer:beat gays, lesbians and friends can dance away to indie rock, electronic and chart music. Four DJs on two dance floors pump up the sound for the young, dance-addicted guest joined by optical treats in the shape of visual artists. Up! at lutz – der club brings North American big city music to the Austrian capital on the first Friday of the month and is a great insider tip. FMqueer is the brainchild of a group of music and culture loving gays and lesbians who met at radio FM4 and now hold cool parties at irregular intervals exactly to their own tastes.

Arena – a huge complex and familiar face on Vienna’s club scene – plays host to The Circus two or three times a year. It can’t be long now until this popular club date succeeds in its quest for the title of the capital’s biggest gay night. The FSK organizers stage their event at Pratersauna, one of Vienna’s most in-demand locations, at similar intervals. This former sauna club in the Prater park provides an interesting alternative to the capital’s city center locations, particularly during the hot summer months. Both of these large-scale events draw in the crowds with a mix of house and a smattering of pop and German Schlager alternatives.

Rhinoplasty is a magnet for anyone with a young and alternative air to them. Located in the architecturally impressive setting of one of the Otto Wagner pavilions on Karlsplatz, Club-U is usually packed to the rafters with clubbers dancing to the DJs’ electronic beats. It doesn’t matter who you are at Kings and Queens as long as you are a dedicated follower of the latest fashions. But if all of that leaves you longing for a good old pop party then the regular party nights at replugged Vienna are just what the doctor ordered.

Two big annual events demonstrate Vienna’s multiculturalism. Homoriental celebrates its twelfth anniversary this year, treating the gay and lesbian party crowd to sophisticated contemporary oriental sounds. Ball CanCan is the place for queer Balkan club music. A permanent fixture since 2005, this club night normally plays out in city center venue, Ost Klub.

Amongst the movers and shakers on the Vienna party scene, Pitbull – Bear & Butch Clubbing is definitely one of the most exciting and promising nights. Every third Friday in the month, “real men” meet guys on the lookout for someone new at the Pi Club. The music is all about heavy bass and the mood is heady. An absolute must, and not just for stout bearded men in plaid shirts.

Another well-established recent addition is the Meat Market party series. The organizers pick the city’s coolest locations for their parties which are aimed at clubbers that like to dance long and hard. The Badeschiff, a converted barge moored on the Danube Canal, is Meat Market’s venue of choice although it has been known to call it at Volksgarten too from time to time. Genre: techno and electro.

The Lesbian Scene

Vienna’s lesbian scene is significantly smaller than its gay scene, but here too there are well-established offerings. A popular fixture since 1977 is the Frauencafé. Founded in the 1970s by a feminist collective and then lovingly and faithfully managed by a sole woman, this small but exclusive women only (transgender welcome) café is now headed by a group of committed lesbians possessing plenty of experience in the gastro and cultural scene. The Frauenzentrum Bar, known to regulars simply as the “FZ”, complements Vienna’s female and lesbian bar culture with recurring fests and events. Women wanting to hit the dance-floor go to the Saturday disco at FZ where there is plenty of space to dance (sparsely furnished) and a good atmosphere and music for minimal admission. Despite the modern interior, lipstick lesbians may feel a little out of place here.

Party animals will feel at home at Las Chicas women’s disco, which has built up a sizeable and committed fan community over the years and is now resident at Gerard Club.

One of the oldest clubs of the scene is Café Willendorf which has become especially popular with lesbians over the recent years. Café Willendorf offers excellent cuisine and a cozy bar. In the summer the garden in the inner courtyards is an idyllic haven for guests. Women’s parties take place at irregular intervals – organized together with the counseling center for lesbians located in the same building. Female patrons feel right at home at Marea Alta, a friendly women’s bar in Gumpendorfer Strasse. The clientele is young and trendy, and the location is a real insider tip.

Run by women for women and their male and female friends, Labr!s is a refreshing new addition to the lesbian bar scene. This café-cum-bar-cum-restaurant in Vienna’s first district host regular special events such as after work parties and karaoke nights.The bar area of the new Merandy Lounge Clubin the sixth district is a great place to enjoy good company before chilling in the lounge area and hitting the dance floor at Merandy’s very own Aquarium club. The venue’s weekend theme parties are a popular fixture.

Other haunts not purely lesbian, but nevertheless frequented particularly well by women, are club events Homoriental, G.Spot,FMQueer and Café Berg.

The Community at large: Gay and Lesbian Events

Vienna’s variety of gay and lesbian special events is second-to-none in all of Austria, and even exceeds those of some other European big cities. It wouldn’t be Austria if Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Vienna was actually called “CSD”. Every year at in the summer, the community celebrates Vienna Pride which culminates in the Regenbogenparade (Rainbow Parade). Over the 16 years of its existence, this has become one of the largest CSD events in the German-speaking world attracting over 100,000 visitors. The Rainbow Parade and accompanying Vienna Pride festival will be hosted by two different organizations, Hosi Wien and CSD Vienna, for the first time in 2011. This move made it possible for each organizer to focus more closely on its own event and improve the quality of each one into the bargain. The decision to set up a Pride Village and apply to use City Hall Square to stage the grand finale are just two of many ideas to have gone down extremely well with partygoers.

A further sparkling jewel on the scene’s calendar is the Life Ball, which is probably the most flamboyant – and lucrative – AIDS/HIV charity event in Europe. From the Austrian federal chancellor to Hollywood stars and former US President Bill Clinton, everyone comes to admire the fashion show masterminded by international designers, and afterwards to celebrate one of Vienna’s most uninhibited evenings. Tickets for the Life Ball, however, are hard to come by.

The Regenbogen Ball (Rainbow Ball) proves that the Viennese Waltz isn’t just something for straight folks. At this classic Viennese ball gays and lesbians swing arm in arm to the waltz’s triple beat. The 2011 ball took place inside the opulent, imperial Hofburg Vienna for the first time. In 2012 it will be off to another prestigious location: the fully renovated Parkhotel Schönbrunn.Formal eveningwear is mandatory. In contrast, the only thing at the Rosenball (Rose Ball) that reminds one of a classic ball is the opening polonaise. Otherwise, the Rosenball is a flamboyant alternative to the Opera Ball. At the Diversity Ball everyone gets together once a year to dance and celebrate their differences while taking a stand against discrimination in all its forms. During this spectacular ball night at the Kursalon nothing at all is permitted to stand in the way of diversity!

The international leather and fetish convention “Wien ist Schwarz” (“Vienna is black”) offers a whole fringe program in addition to the obligatory leather and fetish party – including things like banquets, leather brunches, bike tours and much more. And could there be a more fitting weekend for this than that of the Austrian national holiday (October 26), when the handsome fresh-faced recruits of the Austrian Federal Army parade on Heldenplatz square?


All these themed offerings shouldn’t, however, obscure the fact Vienna offers an immense range of cultural, culinary and shopping experiences that aren’t specifically gay and lesbian in character. The major cultural institutions, including the State Opera, Burgtheater, Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Fine Arts) Albertina, Belvedere, and the MuseumsQuartier vie for visitors’ attention, as do the avant-garde offerings of small exhibitions and cellar stages. Shopping on Kärntner Strasse and Graben has a homo-factor nearly as high as that of Mariahilfer Strasse, which lies in close proximity to the scene – and it goes without saying that openly gay and lesbian guests can feel quite welcome at the city’s “normal” restaurants, inns and wine taverns.

A Minority with Rights

In terms of political and legal equality for gays and lesbians, the Republic of Austria has made progress over the past few years, although it continues to lag behind many other European countries. The minimum age for homosexual relations was finally matched to that for heterosexuals (14 years) in 2002.

Since January 1, 2010 same-sex couples in Austria have been able to enter into civil unions under the new Eingetragene Partnerschaft-Gesetz (Austrian civil union law): a new opportunity taken advantage of by 589 couples (almost 70% male) so far. These civil partnerships are largely the same as a marriage between a man and woman in terms of their tax and social insurance implications. While same-sex couples are also able to “tie the knot” in most of Austria’s federal provinces, they will not be able to do so at registry offices – an option only available in the capital. So once again Vienna is playing a pioneering role, as gay and lesbian couples have exactly the same choice of venues as heterosexual couples. This means that whether they are from Austria or abroad, same-sex couples can tie the knot inside Schönbrunn Palace, the Hofburg or any of the capital’s other licensed wedding destinations.

If other countries are anything to go by, other discriminatory policies will be ended in the courts over the coming years. In contrast to Germany there is no separate anti-discrimination law. Vienna, however, is the exception in Austria, having already passed fairly extensive anti-discrimination legislation (including laws on tenancy and housing issues). A diverse array of political associations and groups in Vienna are working actively to lead the way in wiping out inequality on legal and social levels. All in all, the situation is thus similar to that of many European countries.

The Viennese go the extra mile to actively support the gay and lesbian population by subsidizing gay and lesbian culture and special events. The provincial organizations of the political parties provide frequent support to all sorts of initiatives, the anti-discrimination bureau seeks to actively influence provincial politics, and the Vienna Tourist Board has for its part developed strategies to ensure gay and lesbian guests a pleasurable experience of Vienna and to also disseminate information on the city’s offerings to gays and lesbians internationally.

Alongside existing traditional values, the city of Vienna has succeeded in nurturing young, dynamic homosexual AND heterosexual scenes which might be a positive surprise for some guests. Vienna, after all, has always been a bit different.

G&L Establishments featured

Café Willendorf

Café at the Rosa Lila Villa, Linke Wienzeile 102, 1060 Vienna; Thu – Sat 6 p.m. – 2 a.m.,

Sun – Wed 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., tel. +43-1-587 17 89,

Café Savoy

Linke Wienzeile 36, 1060 Vienna; Sun – Thu noon – 2 a.m., Fri noon – 3 a.m., Sat 9 a.m. – 3 a.m.,

mango bar

Laimgrubengasse 3, 1060 Vienna; daily 9 p.m. – 4 a.m., tel. +43-1-920 47 14,

Felixx Café Bar

Blümelgasse 1, 1060 Vienna; Sun – Thu 6 p.m. – 3 a.m., Fri – Sat 6 p.m. – 4 a.m. . tel. +43-664-272 30 10,

Village Bar

Stiegengasse 8, 1060 Vienna; daily 8 p.m. – 3 a.m., tel. +43-676 384 89 77,

Café Berg

Gay & lesbian daytime café, Berggasse 8, 1090 Vienna; daily 10 a.m. – midnight,

tel. +43-1-319 57 20,

Löwenherz bookshop

Gay & lesbian daytime café, Berggasse 8, 1060 Vienna; daily Mon – Thu 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.,

Fri 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., tel. +43-1-317 29 82,

Eagle Bar

Blümelgasse 1, 1060 Vienna; daily 9 p.m. – 4 a.m., tel. +43-1-587 26 61,

Kettenbrückengasse 4, 1040 Vienna, daily 3 p.m. – 4 a.m., tel. +43-1-586 23 62,

schon schön

Lindengasse 53, 1070 Vienna, Tue – Fri 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sat 11 a.m. – 11 p.m., tel. +43-699 1537 7701,

Santo Spirito

Kumpfgasse 7, 1010 Vienna, daily 6 p.m. – 2 a.m., tel. +43-1-512 99 98,


Schönbrunner Strasse 30/entrance Rüdigergasse, 1050 Vienna, Sun – Thu 6 p.m. – 2 a.m.,

Fri – Sat 6 p.m. – 4 a.m., tel. +43-1-587 06 72,


Treitlstraße 2/Am Karlsplatz, 1040 Vienna, daily 10 a.m. -2 a.m., tel. +43-1-587 00 73,


Museumsquartier 1, 1070 Vienna, daily 10 a.m. – 2 a.m., tel. +43-1-523 70 01,

Motto am Fluss

Schwedenplatz 2/Franz Josefs Kai/Vorkai, daily 8 a.m. – 4 a.m., tel. +43-1-252 55 10,


Heumühlgasse 14, 1040 Vienna, Thu 6 p.m. – 10p.m., Fri, Sat 4 p.m. – 1 a.m.,

Sun 4 p.m. – 10 p.m., tel. +43-1-216 66 04,

Hard On

Hamburger Strasse 4, LMC Vienna club headquarters, 1050 Vienna, Fri – Sat 10 p.m., Sun 7 p.m.,


Fünfhausgasse 1, Club headquarters of MLF Vienna; 1150 Vienna, Fri, Sat 10 p.m.,

tel. +43-1-895 99 79,


Weihburggasse 18-20, 1010 Vienna; Sun – Fri 2 p.m. – midnight; Sat 2 p.m. – 2. a.m., tel. +43-1-513 32 93,


Lange Gasse 10, 1080 Vienna, Mon – Thu 3 p.m. – midnight, Fri 3 a.m. – Sun. midnight non-stop

Tel. +43-1-406 71 56,

Badefreuden für schwule Männer @ Sargfabrik

Goldschlaggasse 169, 1140 Vienna; 1 x month, Fr 8 p.m. – 2 a.m., tel. +43-1-988 98-111,

Why Not

Tiefer Graben 22, 1010 Vienna; Fri, Sat public hols 10 p.m. – 4 a.m. Tel. +43-1-920 47 14,


Check announcements,

G.Spot @ Camera Club

Neubaugasse 2, 1070 Vienna, 1st Friday of the month, from 10 p.m.,

queer:beat @ Viper Room

Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 38, 1030 Vienna, Sat 10 p.m., check announcements,

Up! @ lutz – der club

Mariahilfer Strasse 3, 1060 Vienna, Fri 10 p.m., check announcements,


Check announcements for location,

The Circus @ Arena

Baumgasse 80, 1030 Vienna, check announcements,

FSK @ Pratersauna

Waldsteingartenstrasse 135, 1020 Vienna, check announcements,

Rhinoplasty @ Club-U

Otto-Wagner-Pavillon/Karlsplatz, 1010 Vienna, check announcements,

Kings and Queens @ Replugged

Lerchenfelder Strasse 23, 1070 Vienna, check announcements,


Check announcements for location,

Ball CanCan

Check announcements for location,

Pitbull Bear & Butch Clubbing @ Club Tresor

Zieglergasse 26, 1070 Vienna, 4th Friday in the month 10 p.m.,

Meat Market

Check announcements for location,


Lange Gasse 11, 1080 Vienna, Thu, Fri 6 p.m. – midnight,

FZ Bar Frauenzentrum

Währinger Strasse 59, 1090 Vienna, entrance in Prechtlgasse, Thu – Sat 7 p.m. – midnight,

tel. +43-1-402 87 54,

Las Chicas @ Gerard Club

Lederergasse 11, 1080 Vienna, 10 p.m. (check announcements),

Marea Alta

Beim Coiffeur, Gumpendorfer Strasse 28, 1060 Vienna, tel. +43-699-1159 7131,

Mon - Thu 6 p.m. – 2 a.m., Fri, Sat, public hols. 7 p.m. – 4 a.m.,


Biberstrasse 12, 1010 Vienna, tel. +43-1-945 69 21, Wed – Thu 6 p.m. – 2 a.m., Fri 6 p.m. – 4 a.m., Sat 8 p.m. – 4 a.m.,

Merandy Lounge Club

Mollardgasse 17, 1060 Vienna, tel. +43-699 1107 1974, Thu 7 p.m. -2 a.m., Fri, Sat, public hols. 8 p.m. – 6 a.m.,


Regenbogenball (Rainbow Ball), February 11, 2012,

Rosenball (Rose Ball), February 16, 2012,

Diversity Ball, April 28, 2012,

Life Ball, May 19, 2012,

Vienna Pride, June 12-17, 2012,

Regenbogenparade (Rainbow Parade), June 16, 2012,

Wien in Schwarz, October 24-28, 2012,

Further information on gay and lesbian Vienna can be found at and Or order the free brochure “Queer Guide” from the Vienna Tourist Board (, tel. + 43-1-245 55, Fax + 43-1-245 55-666).

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