Arbois in Montagnes du Jura - het Franse Juragebergte.

De provincie Gerona is de eerste Spaanse provincie bij de passage van de grens met Frankrijk. heeft een aanbod van meer dan 2.330.186 accommodaties over de hele wereld.

Kreta is het grootste en meest zuidelijke eiland van Griekenland. Het heeft voor ieder wat wils.

The Art of Engraving Antoine Watteau et l'art de l'estampe. Antoine Watteau who only lived to the age of 37 (1684-1721), was a painter, engraver and insatiable designer who marked the 18th century with his charming and spontaneous art. Jean de Jullienne, his friend and patron, wrote and recorded his works from early on. Around a hundred works are presented.

From July 8 2010 to October 11 2010
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The 150 works by Arman presented in this exhibition offer a journey through the whole career of this artist, from the end of the 1950s to the end of the century.
From September 22 2010 to January 17 2011
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Enjoy your meal Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit gives teenagers and their parents an entertaining and instructive introduction to healthy eating.
The exhibition helps visitors to make sense of all the messages promoting healthy eating that we are bombarded with everyday, and emphasises the importance of coming together as a family to share a meal.
From February 2 2010 to January 2 2011
Gifts from the Tsars Cadeaux des Tsars
As part of the France-Russia year 2010, the Musée National de la Marine is presenting an exhibition dedicated to the maritime background of the Franco-Russian Alliance.
The Alliance was very popular, with festive diplomatic meetings and particularly valuable gifts from the Tsars.
Over an area of 200 m², discover 150 souvenir objects from the Alliance, over 40 valuable gifts, art objects, watercolour paintings, 6 film extracts of the Lumière Brothers, old photographs and newspapers of the period. The Musée National de la Marine conserves numerous works that Russia gave to French officers and ships in the course of different trips undertaken by the French and Russian naval forces.
Placed in the historical and political context of the period, these diplomatic gifts, as well as the numerous souvenir objects released for the occasion, reflect the alliance between imperial Russia and republican France.
From May 28 2010 to October 3 2010

Crime and punishment Crime et châtiment
The “Crime and Punishment” exhibition examines the aesthetic of violence and the representation of violent crime and the death penalty in the visual arts through a selection of striking works by major artists.
The death penalty, crime and punishment and Man’s desire to defy an all-powerful God and the supremacy of the King to mete out his own justice – these are all strong themes that have inspired generations of painters. Goya, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne and Degas among others were fascinated by images of crime and capital punishment.
The works on display are pictorial representations of the guillotine, crimes of passion, male and female criminals, prison conditions and the last days of condemned prisoners.
The last few works on display depict the use of the criminal theme in the visual arts.
From March 16 2010 to June 27 2010
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Cy Twombly
Cy Twombly is the third artist to be invited to decorate the Louvre Museum: a painted ceiling for the Salle des Bronzes. Cy Twombly (Lexington, Virginia, 1928) is one of the most significant American painters of his generation. His project is an abstact composition on a blue background which echoes the ceiling by Georges Braque in the adjoining room. This almost monochrome work, bearing the names of the most famous Greek sculptors of Antiquity (4th century), refers back to the artist's works of the 1960s.
From 25 March 2010
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The Style and Mondrian De Stijl et Mondrian
Together with other Dutch artists, the great avant-garde painter Piet Mondrian invented an artistic movement known as “De Stilj” (The Style) where shapes and primary colours predominated, not unlike the style of Cubist painting. This retrospective focuses on Mondrian’s work and the way it evolved over the years.
From December 1 2010 to March 21 2011
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Edvard Munch or the Anti-Scream Edvard Munch ou l'Anti-Cri
“Edvard Munch or the Anti-Scream” is a retrospective of the work of Edvard Munch, the pioneering Expressionist painter best known for his celebrated painting “The Scream”. The exhibition displays around one hundred works (paintings and sketches) covering the artist’s rich and singular oeuvre.
With this exhibition from 19 February to 18 July 2010, the Pinacothèque de Paris is offering a fresh insight into the work of Edvard Munch, one of the most legendary and paradoxically least-known artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is the first time in 20 years that his work is being shown in Paris, and indeed in France; the Pinacothèque de Paris is therefore providing art lovers in France with a wonderful opportunity to discover the vision of this great artist, using a simple approach that allows all visitors to understand why he occupies such a significant place in art history.
From February 19 2010 to August 8 2010
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